[Best] Top 5 Most Amazing Yoga fitness Poses

Morning yoga will lead the person to a happy life. Some of the best Most amazing yoga fitness poses will keep your body attentive. We can do things very easily. The tasks we practice daily with a very easy and relaxing way. It will open up your mind and you can feel your body. And take big and valuable decisions with precise thinking. 

Many of the time you may have felt lazy in the morning but it takes time to come back in an energetic mood for work.

Some of the best top 5 yoga asanas or yoga poses are given below to try and practise in the early morning. Always wake up before sunrise and start practising these amazing yoga poses. 

1. Dwi Pada Uttanasana – Both leg raise pose

In this world of competition, we all are spending our day to day life in stress. Where DWI pada uttanasana is best to Eases your stress. Most of the people practise this to calm the mind.

The growing competition doesn’t get you to get, that this yoga will increases your concentration and focus on work. Public speaking is nowadays common and Dwi pada uttanasana will give you great self-control.

2. Dand asana – Plank Pose

This pose is very good for spinal problems. Dand asana helps you strengthen your back muscles very well. This asana can give you a great solution to your problems like asthma and cure them.

Most of the effective yoga asanas are a part of Hatha yoga. Whereas Dand Asana is also found or we can say is a part of Hatha yoga.

Dand Asana is also effective for your chest and abdomen.

Dand Asana is a part of Tadasana which is also known as Mountain Pose. Tadasana will help you. You have great control over your body parts. Especially on legs, you will see the result very fast. 

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3. Naukasana – Boat Pose

Naukasana is a modern yoga posture. It is also called as  Boat Pose. Naukasana has been effectively observed to give a very nice result if being practised regularly in the day to day life. This posture involves our whole body and gives you fantastic results.

Naukasana Yoga helps you in reducing fat not only from your belly but from your whole body. Not only it helps in reducing fat but also. It helps our inner organs like liver, kidney, pancreas etc. to work properly. It reduces fat in our belly area and our thighs and our arms.

In naukasana, as everyone always says that “boat pose”. You have to lie down straight in a smooth surface then lift your arms. And legs trying to make a boat like a posture. It only gives the results if you practice it regularly with proper steps.

Naukasana make your organ work tremendously and keeps you healthy and away from obesity.

4. Bitilasana – Cat cow Pose

Bitilasana is one of those postures which are effortless hence beneficial for your body. This posture is also called as cow pose. Very easy to perform hence very effective. It helps our abdomen organisation exercise and massage. The more our organs get massaged, the more blood stimulation occurs. It helps in the smooth functioning of our abdomen organ. It tonnes our abdomen organs by strengthening them. Not only it helps our organ but also helps us relief from stress. It’s so easy to perform; All you have to do is support your upper abdomen body by legs above the knee and hands. Let your body be stable as long as you can. Increase the time with practice. Only regular practice will give results.

5. Dhanurasana – Bow Pose

A bit complicated but gives 100’s of benefits. Dhanurasana is known as a bow pose. There are so many Advantages of Dhanurasana. It’s basically known as a posture that helps in weight loss. But instead of weight loss, so many things are there to be mentioned.

It helps an in constipation, once our digestive system gets strong our stomach will start working properly leading to the removal of obesity. Not only it helps in removal of obesity but it also helps our body get flexible. So it helps us in many ways.

As I am repeating yoga involves physical work, therefore you need to practice it regularly to see the real effect of it. To perform it all you have to do is. Lie down on your chest and abdomen with your face towards the ground side. Then lift your legs up and touch them with your hands and hold your feet, as shown in the picture.

Make sure you do it on a plane surface with a yoga mat. so that it doesn’t hurt you in any way. Only practising it daily will help you, so make sure you do it.

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